Sunday, 29 November 2015

DIY Make Your Own Foam Flower and Snowflake Stamps

DIY Make Your Own Foam Flower and Snowflake Stamps

Check out dollar stores this Holiday Season - sometimes you can find great little packages of pre-cut shapes. Some come with adhesive backing, some do not. If you find nice shapes, like these snow flakes, but they don't have adhesive on the back, not to worry - just add some glue and don't let it stop you from making fun stamps for your crafting projects!

See the photos below.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Free Video Class Halloween Witch

Free Video Class Halloween Witch

Lol, no matter how hard I tried, this project was finished yearly October,but posting it I didn't do until now. Oh, well. Didn't want you guys to miss out on a fun little sketch of this Halloween Witch.

Here's the photos and the list of supplies in the video. For the video itself, please say tuned, it is coming up, I am in the process of finalizing the editing part.


-       Journal (I am using a 7 x 10 Canson XL Mix Media Sketchbook. You can use any surface, but I recommend the paper weight no less than 90-100 lbs; this will support the weight of collage and layers of pastels, acrylic paints and inks. I also like the size, it’s pretty compact – not too big and not too small.

-       Neon markers: In this video I am using cheap brand neon markers, yellow and orange. I found a pack at the local dollar store. These markers don’t last long but they are pretty bright and a bit of neon is always fun! As a substitute you can always use regular highlighters but Sharpie brand or BIC or any other, as long as they are NEON!

-       Stencils: First I used a handmade stencil. I made it with hot glue, shaped like bricks. Second was an alphabet stencil.

-       Artist bleeding tissue paper, random colors

-       Acrylic Matte medium used to glue tissue papers

-       PORTFOLIO Water-Soluble Oil Pastels: Lite green, Peach, Orange, Purple, Emerald, Black, Violet, Cerulean blue, Red, Yellow

-       Sharpie Paint Markers: White, Neon pink, Optional: Titan Buff

-       Acrylic Paint: White, Hot pink

-       Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Watersoluble Crayons: Black, Lavender (lite purple)

-       Gelatos: (Optional) Orange, Lite Blue – can be used instead of Portfolio Oil Pastels
-       Sakura Solid Paint Markers: White, Neon Orange (Optional)


This is a loose, easy going, stress-free and fun project. You can use a simple sketchbook for that or any other type of paper you like. I like to sketch in my sketchbook to keep me ”loose”. If I don’t like something, I just flip a page over or tear if out and continue. You don’t have to worry about “doing it right”, this is supposed to get you going, sketching, scribbling and doodling with oil pastels and favorite supplies that you like. I have to mention, specifically "dry" supplies, like markers, pastels and crayons. You can always add paint, but it becomes a bit more "serious", so stay loose, stay "sketchy".

If  you never tried Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels and/or Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Watersoluble Crayons or Gelatos by Faber-Castell, then this project is for you – a perfect way to play with color! This is what it is all about – PLAY. Don’t think, just pick the colors you like and create! If you don’t have a sense of color just yet, don’t worry – it will come. If you are interested in learning a bit more about color – look at the color wheel online or buy one from the art supply store and have a look at it. All you want to do is pick the colors that don’t make “mud” when you blend them. These are usually the colors that are close to each other on the color wheel. If you like choosing complementary colors (which when blended make grey/brown), then you just need to make sure these colors are applied in layers and the layers are dry in between, that’s all- so simple!


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

November Blues mixed media sketch

I found this beautiful stencil on Donna Downey website. Wild flowers. I thought it is perfect for my November Blues sketch.

The sketch started off on an skechbook pad (I like to use mixed media paper) with a few layers of acrylic paints layered on top of each other.

The sketch is made with Portfolio oil pastels, Neooclor II water-soluble crayons, paint markers and most importantly, blue India Ink, which created a wonderful foundation for the rest of my favorite colors - pinks, turquaose, blues, yellows and greens.

I used the stencil on top of the sketch with white acrylic paint to "diffuse" the image and give her the illusion as if she is "lost" in the weeds.