Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Beautiful browns mixed with QOR Watercolor paints

Beautiful browns mixed with QOR Watercolor paints

Wow, some of the browns mixed with these Qor watercolors are just amazing. Check them out here:

The first photo (in case it is difficult to read my handwriting):

Qor Cobalt Teal + Qor Quinnacridone Gold = Makes a very nice Burnt Sienna looking brown, sort of medium golden brown


Qor Quinnacridone Gold + Qor Dioxizne Purple = the Color looks more like Burnt Umber

Qor Quinnacridone Gold + Ultramarine Blue = Makes a Gorgeous Olive Green!!!!

Qor Pyrole Orange + Qor Dioxizine Purple = Makes a warm kind of Brown


Raw Umber + Qor Quinnacridone Gold = kind of like Burnt Sienna

Qor Quinnacridone Gold + Raw Umber + makes a bit richer medium Brown


Ultramarin Blue + Qor Pyrole Orange = Very nice, granulated brown. You can actually see the two colors mixed on the page, very "mineral" looking color, awesome!

Try mixing these browns on your own, you will love the results!
Happy mixing!

Saturday, 2 July 2016

India ink and aqua brush sketch

Sketching in the park with ink and watercolors

It is not easy to sketch when the kids are running around and trying to "input" to yours drawing. I literally had 5minutes before my son declared that he wanted to "water paint" and took over my sketchbook, so my quick sketch turned out to be the only one tonight, although the weather and the day was amazing for painting in the park.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

FREE VIDEO Mixed Media painting class Night Hunters

FREE VIDEO Mixed Media painting class Night Hunters:


Click here for the FULL FREE VIDEO


Journal (I am using a large Dylusions journal, 9 x 12. The paper is a slightly yellow, sort of card stock). You can use any surface, but I recommend the paper weight no less than 90-100 lbs; this will support the weight of collage and layers of acrylic paints and inks.
Molding Paste: Regular or Light. I like Light Molding Paste by Golden, because it dries quicker and the texture is very nice.
Circular Flower Stencil
Dylusions Inks: Fresh Lime, Turquoise, London Blue, Grape (purple color), Lemon Zest and Cherry Pie – I sued the “water-reactive inks” for creating the mottled style background. See video for details.
Walnut Ink Spray: Java. This creates very nice, dark areas of color, also kind of muted dark
Large Butterfly Stamp, Script stamp and Dylusions Numbers & Letters Stamp
Black Archival Ink or Staz-On; White Archival Ink
Mica Powder by PearlEx – iridescent blue color
Acrylic Matte Medium
Book pages
Faber Castell Gelatos: I used neon colors from the Brights set – neon orange, blue, green and yellow, also white
Stabillo Marks All pencil Black
Sakura Solid Paint Marker White (can use White acrylic paint instead)
Rags for blotting inks and cleaning hands in the process

Heat Gun, Mica Powder, Sakura Solid Paint Marker

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Watercolor painting on a beach

Watercolor painting on a beach

Sun, fun and Watercolor!
I am testing my tiniest palette I just made, specifically for painting outdoors. It is very small. Smaller than Altoids box - 3 by 2 inches only.

It is super cute and has 12 colors. Strange, but I feel like I want more colors in my palette, although these are sufficient for making a painting. It is a bit of a challenge for me. Normally I work with at least 15 colors. Although I do have a limited "SEPIA" palette that I like to use for my SEPIA illustrations. Not today. Supe cute!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ink and Watercolor sketches

I have a lot of Radiograph Koh-I-Noor waterproof ink left in my stash from my "ink" days. It is a nice quality but it used to clog my ink pen A LOT! It used to drive me crazy. Considering that I used a dedicated "technical" pen with this ink, still, it clogged. For what I understand you are supposed to clean your brush every time after using it. Who on earth has the time for that? It is not like you can just rinse it with water. You need to use a special solution and actually kind of soak the nib. Anyway, I stopped using those pens and the ink was just sitting around.

So I am using it now with my dip pens (those were laying around for a while as well, since it is much more work to dip and draw). Gosh, see how lazy we all became? We are used to a fine tip marker pens or cartridge fountain pens. I just thought that it is time to use up my stash of this very nice waterproof ink.

 Here it is, my sketches in watercolor and ink.

Here's the second ink and watercolor sketch

Monday, 2 May 2016

My new Kissho Gansai Watercolor Paints from Japan 72

I got a gift from my brother - this wonderful set of Japanese watercolors- a set of 72 amazing colors. How awesome!

Check them out below. There is a huge selection of color, some colors are more opaque, some transparent, which is really cool. I like working with a combination of different pigments. No matter how much I love colors, hee you get an opportunity to not worry about mixing at all, lots of colors to chose from and different transparency properties. Love them!

Here you can see below the row of metallic colors, which are more transparent and not very visible on their own, but if you mix them witha color of cour choice -voila! you get a gorgeous metallic color. super easy to make your own metallics. The very last 6 colors - are very vibrant NEONS. 
So cool, all in one set!

And here is the Green Vampire girl I painted with these scrumptious colors.
To her eyes I added a pink metallic and hot pink neon!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Watercolor Portraits with Sakura Koi Opaque Watercolors and Dylusions Spray Inks

I wanted to use watercolors, but needed some coverage, so I decided to go with Sakura Koi Watercolors, which are pretty opaque. I am not sure why there are advertised as transparent, because they are not, lol. However they work very well if you need to cover some parts in an illustration.

So I made a background using spray inks (water soluble) and stencils with not very large designs. I wanted some areas of the stencil to be showing on a character's face. I really like Acrylic inks as well and in a few illustrations below I used metallic ink colors - metallic yellow and metallic lime green. They work so well with watercolors, even though they dry permanent.

After the backgrounds were dry I started painting with watercolors. I love using my number 8 watercolor brush by and my number 10 for the hair. I did each portraits in 1-2 layers. When the 1st layer dried I added more color on top. I really enjoyed that the strong patterns from the stencils weren't completely covered up. However, as I mentioned, I specifically chose opaque colors to make sure I would be able to paint over some areas.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Elegant Writer pen drawing Alice

This time I used only Elegant Writer,. In this little book, where I get to play I don't even bother with the pencil. Lots of my painting start with color usually, but this time I grabbed the Elegant Writer and started sketching with it right away. I love how the color bleeds when you activate the ink with water, amazing. A few dashes of actual color that I added were again, the Sakura Koi watercolors, madw with a coarse (oil painting) brush. The oil painting brush has harsher bristles and it give more texture. I love using it in mixed media paintings.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sakura Koi watercolors and Elegant Writer

Sakura Koi watercolors and Elegant Writer

Golden in Purple - mixed media painting in a book

As usual, having so little time for painting and wanting to paint so much - I usually grab my book where I have a few pre-gessoed pages. I like the book text to show through, but in this case I had a few heavy layers of paint, so they almost obliterated the text, you can only see it on the edges.

I used a combination of Sakura Koi Watercolors (I have a 24-pan set) and some acrylic paint and ink. The brilliant gold that you see in the girl's hair - is the metallic yellow acrylic ink, I love using it as accent.

For this type of illustration the Koi Watercolors worked really well. I have to admitI don't use them all the time - I find them very opaque, but if I need more coverage, kind of like gouache application, then they are great. Considering that the color is very vibrant and they are pretty pigmented. They don't really work too well if I want to do a transparent wash, the pigment separated and gets settled in the crevices of the paper. But for the illustration style or heavy application it work very well.

I also decided to use the Elegant Write to bring back some shadows and help with definition. I made a very fin line around the face, eyes and in the hair with size 2.0 Elegant Writer calligraphy pen. And then applied water to help the ink run. It is a water soluble pen/marker and bleeds with color variation. Hard to explain, you have to try it. It is awesome!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Qor watercolors High Chroma Set

I used the Qor Watercolors to make this painting and I am very impressed with quality and vibrancy of colors. Judge for yourself!

"Colorful City" on Canson Montval watercolor paper. 9 X 12 in.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Elephant watercolor practice

These two elephant illustrations were made with the same set of colors: yellow, red and blue, however for the first one I used a few opaque colors, like yellow and red and for the second - all transparent. And,obviously, more saturated.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Crazy Hair watercolor painting

Feel free! That's what this painting is all about. What crazy hair? You got it! Watercolor is just the medium that lets you achieve this effect.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Painting Alice

I thinkI am going to make this a year of Alice in Wonderland. She is one of my favorite subjects to paint.

This painting is done in a cook book, using acrylic paint, tombow markers, prisma color pencils, paint markers, distressed stain and ink.

Red Dress quick mixed media illustration in an old book

I just recently found this awesome book in a used book store. At first glance it is pretty simple, nothing special, but the paper turned out to be just amazing! The quality of paper in this book is just so nice, that it takes  paint and markers exceptionally well. Prisma color pencils go on the page like butter!

I applied a layer of Curry's Gesso first (one of my favorite gessos to work with, because it is pretty smooth and provides great coverage). Here's what I used for the entire illustration:
Prismacolor colored pencils, 
Neocolor II water soluble crayons, 
Tombow markers (they are water soluble and create awesome effects!), 
Graphite pencil, 
Black India ink 
and kids Watercolor paints. 

Oh, yes and a White Sharpie marker! Can't do without it!

All was such a great combination for this quick little sketch.

The best part was that I REALLY wanted to paint and didn't have much time, maybe 15-20 minutes before I would have to go and cook lunch so I decide that painting in a book would be the perfect way to satisfy my painting urge! I was right. It is so nice just not to worry much about composition and just select a few colors and just go for it. Originally I just had graphite sketch lines and then I decided to see what it would look like when outlined roughly with black ink. This is so great that I can do it in a book where the painting is so loose, no pressure whatsoever whether it is going to turn our great or not. I can always make another one. I think I really like that sketchy look of the whole illustration and possibly next time I would skip the complete outline of the girl, just leave her in graphite. Or make the lines very sketchy with the ink, not exact.

Another favorite happy accident that came out out of this, was the red watercolor paint spred out outside the dress, LOVE IT!

Here's another ne with lots of graphite smudges and very limited color palette: 
black, white, turquoise and red!