Thursday, 28 January 2016

Painting Alice

I thinkI am going to make this a year of Alice in Wonderland. She is one of my favorite subjects to paint.

This painting is done in a cook book, using acrylic paint, tombow markers, prisma color pencils, paint markers, distressed stain and ink.

Red Dress quick mixed media illustration in an old book

I just recently found this awesome book in a used book store. At first glance it is pretty simple, nothing special, but the paper turned out to be just amazing! The quality of paper in this book is just so nice, that it takes  paint and markers exceptionally well. Prisma color pencils go on the page like butter!

I applied a layer of Curry's Gesso first (one of my favorite gessos to work with, because it is pretty smooth and provides great coverage). Here's what I used for the entire illustration:
Prismacolor colored pencils, 
Neocolor II water soluble crayons, 
Tombow markers (they are water soluble and create awesome effects!), 
Graphite pencil, 
Black India ink 
and kids Watercolor paints. 

Oh, yes and a White Sharpie marker! Can't do without it!

All was such a great combination for this quick little sketch.

The best part was that I REALLY wanted to paint and didn't have much time, maybe 15-20 minutes before I would have to go and cook lunch so I decide that painting in a book would be the perfect way to satisfy my painting urge! I was right. It is so nice just not to worry much about composition and just select a few colors and just go for it. Originally I just had graphite sketch lines and then I decided to see what it would look like when outlined roughly with black ink. This is so great that I can do it in a book where the painting is so loose, no pressure whatsoever whether it is going to turn our great or not. I can always make another one. I think I really like that sketchy look of the whole illustration and possibly next time I would skip the complete outline of the girl, just leave her in graphite. Or make the lines very sketchy with the ink, not exact.

Another favorite happy accident that came out out of this, was the red watercolor paint spred out outside the dress, LOVE IT!

Here's another ne with lots of graphite smudges and very limited color palette: 
black, white, turquoise and red!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Longing for Spring

Boy, I like winter, but not when you get 3 colds in a row and the last one still lasts 3rd week. I really almost forgot what it feels like NOT TO BE SICK! lol! No seriously. I really wish that we, humans wouldn't be so affected by cold weather with all the warm clothes that our industry produces :) How ironic is that?

Love Love Love Christmas and New Years but I think it is time for warmer weather. Here in TO it's has been pretty cold the past 2 weeks. Looks like we are having a real wither now.

Here' my Druid girl, sketch in a cookbook. I asked her to bring warmth sooner than the Nature is scheduled to do it, lol!