Monday, 2 May 2016

My new Kissho Gansai Watercolor Paints from Japan 72

I got a gift from my brother - this wonderful set of Japanese watercolors- a set of 72 amazing colors. How awesome!

Check them out below. There is a huge selection of color, some colors are more opaque, some transparent, which is really cool. I like working with a combination of different pigments. No matter how much I love colors, hee you get an opportunity to not worry about mixing at all, lots of colors to chose from and different transparency properties. Love them!

Here you can see below the row of metallic colors, which are more transparent and not very visible on their own, but if you mix them witha color of cour choice -voila! you get a gorgeous metallic color. super easy to make your own metallics. The very last 6 colors - are very vibrant NEONS. 
So cool, all in one set!

And here is the Green Vampire girl I painted with these scrumptious colors.
To her eyes I added a pink metallic and hot pink neon!