Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sakura Koi watercolors and Elegant Writer

Sakura Koi watercolors and Elegant Writer

Golden in Purple - mixed media painting in a book

As usual, having so little time for painting and wanting to paint so much - I usually grab my book where I have a few pre-gessoed pages. I like the book text to show through, but in this case I had a few heavy layers of paint, so they almost obliterated the text, you can only see it on the edges.

I used a combination of Sakura Koi Watercolors (I have a 24-pan set) and some acrylic paint and ink. The brilliant gold that you see in the girl's hair - is the metallic yellow acrylic ink, I love using it as accent.

For this type of illustration the Koi Watercolors worked really well. I have to admitI don't use them all the time - I find them very opaque, but if I need more coverage, kind of like gouache application, then they are great. Considering that the color is very vibrant and they are pretty pigmented. They don't really work too well if I want to do a transparent wash, the pigment separated and gets settled in the crevices of the paper. But for the illustration style or heavy application it work very well.

I also decided to use the Elegant Write to bring back some shadows and help with definition. I made a very fin line around the face, eyes and in the hair with size 2.0 Elegant Writer calligraphy pen. And then applied water to help the ink run. It is a water soluble pen/marker and bleeds with color variation. Hard to explain, you have to try it. It is awesome!

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