Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Apple watercolour painting with Sennelier

Yummi apple! Painting today with lovely Sennelier aquarelle watercolour paints: another wonderful TRIO:

French Ultramarine Blue 314
Sennelier Red 636
Lemon Yellow 901

Having fun with lovely colors!

Check them out HERE

Monday, 3 September 2018

Transparent Watercolor TRIO #2

To continue my search for transparent watercolor trio (see my post about Transparent Watercolor TRIO #1)  which would give me the widest array of color mixes, I found another transparent watercolor COMBO.

The new color combo is:

ULTRAMARINE BLUE (semi-transparent blue)

QUINACRIDONE RED (transparent red)

CADMIUM YELLOW MIDDLE (semi-opaque yellow)

What? You ask me why I included a semi-opaque color in this trio. Here's my answer: although it is a semi-opaque color, the brilliance of it so great, that by mixing with the other two it creates even higher number of bright and "clean" hues.

Here are my mixing charts.

Notice that the purples and violets here are slightly brighter than in the previous mix.

I find that Cadmium Yellow Middle gives a more "grassy" green when being mixed with Ultramarine.

Especially impressive the earth tones, greens and blacks.

Yummi, all of these colors just from 3!

Also comes in a travel tin.

Transparent Watercolor TRIO 1

If I were to choose the most limited palette with a possibility to create the widest array of colors, I would probably go with the following watercolor trio combination.


AUREOLIN (transparent neutral yellow)

QUNACRIDONE RED (transparent red)

PHTHALO BLUE (transparent blue)

I did a test and ended up with a beautiful array of color mixes, all the way from bright SECONDARY COLOURS (orange, green and purple) to earth tones and blacks.

As you can see from above photo, these color give you very vibrant secondary and tertiary colors. Purple looks pretty deep and the green is a nice mix between phthalo green and hookers green. Orange and Red are one of the difficult colors to mix, however I was able to mix a pretty bright Orange and Red.

Here are beautiful Earthtones, Blacks and Greens. Considering I was just going for very obvious different hues. So the sky is the limit here.

I am very excited about the possibilities these colors can mix.
They are transparent, so there are very little chances of them to make "mud".

If you are interested to try these colors, I have this set available in a cute travel tin
in my Etsy store