Tuesday, 21 June 2016

FREE VIDEO Mixed Media painting class Night Hunters

FREE VIDEO Mixed Media painting class Night Hunters:


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Journal (I am using a large Dylusions journal, 9 x 12. The paper is a slightly yellow, sort of card stock). You can use any surface, but I recommend the paper weight no less than 90-100 lbs; this will support the weight of collage and layers of acrylic paints and inks.
Molding Paste: Regular or Light. I like Light Molding Paste by Golden, because it dries quicker and the texture is very nice.
Circular Flower Stencil
Dylusions Inks: Fresh Lime, Turquoise, London Blue, Grape (purple color), Lemon Zest and Cherry Pie – I sued the “water-reactive inks” for creating the mottled style background. See video for details.
Walnut Ink Spray: Java. This creates very nice, dark areas of color, also kind of muted dark
Large Butterfly Stamp, Script stamp and Dylusions Numbers & Letters Stamp
Black Archival Ink or Staz-On; White Archival Ink
Mica Powder by PearlEx – iridescent blue color
Acrylic Matte Medium
Book pages
Faber Castell Gelatos: I used neon colors from the Brights set – neon orange, blue, green and yellow, also white
Stabillo Marks All pencil Black
Sakura Solid Paint Marker White (can use White acrylic paint instead)
Rags for blotting inks and cleaning hands in the process

Heat Gun, Mica Powder, Sakura Solid Paint Marker

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Watercolor painting on a beach

Watercolor painting on a beach

Sun, fun and Watercolor!
I am testing my tiniest palette I just made, specifically for painting outdoors. It is very small. Smaller than Altoids box - 3 by 2 inches only.

It is super cute and has 12 colors. Strange, but I feel like I want more colors in my palette, although these are sufficient for making a painting. It is a bit of a challenge for me. Normally I work with at least 15 colors. Although I do have a limited "SEPIA" palette that I like to use for my SEPIA illustrations. Not today. Supe cute!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ink and Watercolor sketches

I have a lot of Radiograph Koh-I-Noor waterproof ink left in my stash from my "ink" days. It is a nice quality but it used to clog my ink pen A LOT! It used to drive me crazy. Considering that I used a dedicated "technical" pen with this ink, still, it clogged. For what I understand you are supposed to clean your brush every time after using it. Who on earth has the time for that? It is not like you can just rinse it with water. You need to use a special solution and actually kind of soak the nib. Anyway, I stopped using those pens and the ink was just sitting around.

So I am using it now with my dip pens (those were laying around for a while as well, since it is much more work to dip and draw). Gosh, see how lazy we all became? We are used to a fine tip marker pens or cartridge fountain pens. I just thought that it is time to use up my stash of this very nice waterproof ink.

 Here it is, my sketches in watercolor and ink.

Here's the second ink and watercolor sketch