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OCTOPUS GIRL painting with handmade watercolors

Painting and playing with color always been my thing. Although trying out different watercolor papers led me to experimenting and seeing what happens to the color and how it reacts on different papers. I noticed that sometimes the paints sort of really sink into the paper. Which makes it really easy to blend, but harder to lift. It all depends, of course, on the percentage of cotton and additives in the paper. At the same time I have lots of fun painting even on kids' paper that is half acrylic and is made with recycled materials. The color tends to stay more on the surface than sink on those types of paper creating interesting and unpredictable results. Have you ever experienced this?

But, no matter which paper I use, expensive or cheap, what I do require from my paints - is the reliability and knowing what to expect. Most importantly, the joy that I receive when painting with my favorite paints. I don't want to rub and rub  and rub into the color and wait until it 
releases fr…

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