Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ink and Watercolor sketches

I have a lot of Radiograph Koh-I-Noor waterproof ink left in my stash from my "ink" days. It is a nice quality but it used to clog my ink pen A LOT! It used to drive me crazy. Considering that I used a dedicated "technical" pen with this ink, still, it clogged. For what I understand you are supposed to clean your brush every time after using it. Who on earth has the time for that? It is not like you can just rinse it with water. You need to use a special solution and actually kind of soak the nib. Anyway, I stopped using those pens and the ink was just sitting around.

So I am using it now with my dip pens (those were laying around for a while as well, since it is much more work to dip and draw). Gosh, see how lazy we all became? We are used to a fine tip marker pens or cartridge fountain pens. I just thought that it is time to use up my stash of this very nice waterproof ink.

 Here it is, my sketches in watercolor and ink.

Here's the second ink and watercolor sketch

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