Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Beautiful browns mixed with QOR Watercolor paints

Beautiful browns mixed with QOR Watercolor paints

Wow, some of the browns mixed with these Qor watercolors are just amazing. Check them out here:

The first photo (in case it is difficult to read my handwriting):

Qor Cobalt Teal + Qor Quinnacridone Gold = Makes a very nice Burnt Sienna looking brown, sort of medium golden brown


Qor Quinnacridone Gold + Qor Dioxizne Purple = the Color looks more like Burnt Umber

Qor Quinnacridone Gold + Ultramarine Blue = Makes a Gorgeous Olive Green!!!!

Qor Pyrole Orange + Qor Dioxizine Purple = Makes a warm kind of Brown


Raw Umber + Qor Quinnacridone Gold = kind of like Burnt Sienna

Qor Quinnacridone Gold + Raw Umber + makes a bit richer medium Brown


Ultramarin Blue + Qor Pyrole Orange = Very nice, granulated brown. You can actually see the two colors mixed on the page, very "mineral" looking color, awesome!

Try mixing these browns on your own, you will love the results!
Happy mixing!

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