Thursday, 17 December 2015

Snowflake Christmas Ornaments with Gel Medium and Spray Paints

DIY Make your own Snowflake Christmas Ornaments with Gel Medium and Spray Paints

I found these nice tags at Michaels for just $1.50 each. I thought you can make so much more with them - personalized gift tags, post cards and Snowflake Christmas Ornaments, which my 4-year old son had fun helping me with and later decorating the tree with.

Here's what I used to make the ornaments:

1. Super Heavy Gel Medium (I am sure it will work fine with heavy gel medium or molding /modeling paste.2. Snowflake cutout or stencil. Notice I am using a paper cut out.3. Palette knife, plastic or an old credit card.4. Glitter5. A touch of spray ink. Anything will go here: Watercolor Magic Liquid Ink for kids or Dylusions spray Inks.5. Glitter paint.6. Piece of watercolor paper 140 lbs

The steps are pretty simple:

First I added glitter to Heavy Gel Medium. I added a bit of ink to give it some color, since the Gel Medium will dry clear. I then used it like molding Paste through the stencil to make raised snowflake designs on paper.

Let it dry completely. Takes a few hours.
Then spray with some ink. And add glitter paint on top. That's it. Almost done!

Now just cut out your snowflake, punch a hole in each and hand on the tree!

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